“Isn’t that the guy from Pluto?”

‘Which guy?’ “You know, the one that’s really into drugs” *Starts humming Dance Stamina* ‘ Oh shitchea! What a tune!’

Thus began a really great night listening to a bunch of bands and haphazardly deciding which ones we liked best.

Invited to be on the judging panel for AUSA’s annual battle of the bands at Auckland University, a lot of alcohol was consumed, and for that being truly sorry for some of the feedback that we gave bands that played their souls out.

It was extraordinarily difficult to judge who were the better bands. Every single one had their own unique spin in their respective genres which made it all the more difficult to compare and contrast with.

The calibre of musicianship alone had me sweating! Great songs all round.

Personally, I came away with the feeling that a small judging panel of anything related to music is a strange way of administering praise or disdain.

Who’s to say that a well constructed pop-punk song isn’t as good as a ska mashup, or a neo-soul jam?

With this dilemma placed in front of me, I could only sit back and really say which band I liked best from the gut. Irrespective of other criteria, which band’s music had me excited the most?

Ultimately, music is subjective to individual tastes